Monday, April 25, 2005

4/25 To Las Vegas

I was definitely awake at 3:45 AM. That's because I didn't sleep. At all. Poor Hunter coughed all night. Around midnight I tried to give him cough medicine but he refused. I had to wake up Jill. But the meds hardly helped at all.

Finally he coughed so much that he threw up all over his bed. Jill and Tood changed the bed, and were up all night too. Dear sweet Kayla slept through it all.

At 4:55 the Super Shuttle arrived. A nice guy from Armenia. Went to Palmdale and picked up a mother/daughter combo going on vacation and then I did sleep about 20 minutes on the ride to the airport.

Upgraded to first class again on the 45 minute flight to Las Vegas. Someone asked me why I was going. I said I was getting together with a bunch of friends. Later I realized I should have said, I'm performing in Vegas. That's the truth...but I didn't think of it until later.

Joanne picked me up at the airport. So good to see her. Our suite is at least 1500 square feet. There's a tub in the middle of the bedroom. A bidet in a private closet, and tons of space in the bedroom for dressing rooms, reading spaces, etc. Cool. I'm sleeping in the living room on a single bed that we'll roll in. No problem.

Joanne has stocked the bar and refrigerator with every kind of food and drink imaginable. So far today I've seen Suzanne, Lou, David, Joanne, and Stephanie. Dave is at the airport right now (3:30 PM) picking up some more folks. There will be about 20-25 of us after everyone arrives.

Dave took us to his favorite restaurant in the world for lunch. Lotus of Siam. Omigod it's good. I love spicy food so that's how I had it. DF likes it too. The other three liked mild. One thing we all agreed on was dessert. Mangos, sticky rice, and frozen coconut something or other. It tasted like ice cream but was really frozen coconut milk. I can't wait to go back.

Now for a nap before anyone else arrives.

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