Friday, April 15, 2005

4/15 Taxes

'Nuff said about that--except OW!!!

My trip to LA/LV is coming up quickly. I can't wait to hug my grandkids. And Kayla will be five on May 2, so we'll celebrate while I'm there. That will be great. I'll do something special with just her. I love having individual time with both Kayla and Hunter. Hunter will be three in June, so I'll need to go out there again around that time.

And now I'm getting nervous about performing in Vegas. I'll be fine, I know. I just need to "re-memorize" my routine. That won't be too difficult because pieces of it are still floating around in my head. But I have to give a workshop next Tuesday and it's one I've never done before. So more memorization.

This old brain is tired just thinking about it.

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