Friday, April 29, 2005

4/29 Tired, crabby, sick, and happy

The noises in my ears are so loud now that they drown out everything but my thoughts. Sometimes I can even hear teh Hallelujah Chorus. Out of tune.

I'll probably see my doctor right away when I get home.

The kids are taking a nap and Jill is taking the dog for a walk. I'm going to lie down myself as soon as I'm finished.

Today we went to Walmart where I let the kids pick out their own birthday cards. That was a first, and it was really fun. Spoke to Debbie while there. She was driving from LV to LA, and said that last night's dinner was a rousing success. Among other things, they toasted me. That made me smile doubly wide. There's talk of doing this every two years and that's a great idea (although sooner is always better for someone like me with poor impulse control). I think I read on the forum that Debbie, Lou and Monk have volunteered to host the shindig next time. Great idea.

I hope Joanne is able to go home and get some much-needed rest. She worked so hard to put everything together. And everyone really really appreciated her efforts.

Oh, I really went off on a tangent, when all I wanted to say was that after Walmart we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. I love it there. The cacophony that is Chuck is quite different than that of a Vegas casino. But the noises still bounced around inside my ears.

Back to the tangent which is fun... There were a few HWs who didn't want to attend but succumbed to our whining. I hope they are pleased that they did make it. Every single one of us contributed to the fabric of the week. The colors and textures would have been so different without any one of us.

I sent some pics to Myrna, but forgot to send them to someone to post for me. (There's no decent photo editor on this machine so I couldn't do any cropping or red-eye removal.)

I go home tomorrow--my voice mail is full of to-dos, and my inbox is full as well. Hope this ear thing finishes so I can get back to my usual energy level at work.

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