Wednesday, April 27, 2005

4/26 So much to say

First of all, I've still only had 3 hours sleep and it's been 65 hours. Don't know what's wrong. I'm drinking some herbal tea right now and will sleep tonight.

But today I spent $60 and won $687. Dave taught me video poker and I am so very hooked. He's a doll.

We went to Ka tonight... And we all are raving about it. Cirque du Soleil definitely rocks. Omigod. It's freakin' amazing.

Then everybody to our suite. Right now it's a little quiet because a bunch of folks went down to the Bellagio to watch the dancing fountains. We can see them from our window and they are so cool... so they went down to watch.

Bruce is checking out our venue for tomorrow night. Yay. I'm so psyched to do the show.

Steph took a picture of me biting Bruce's leg on the monorail. And someone took one of me being a bird, trying to replicate Ka.

The reason I'm acting out so damn much? My voice is completely gone because of a cold I've picked up. Suz has me on complete voice rest. And I'm complying. But I'm acting instead of talking. Fun, and nuts.

I love these guys.

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