Monday, April 11, 2005

4/11 Virtuous

I feel so darn noble that I'm probably going to eat dessert. Just finished 40 minutes on the treadmill at the hotel. Yay.

Yesterday I woke up early and enjoyed drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper with Jan on their porch that wraps around the house. She has four birdfeeders and two birdhouses in a huge pin oak tree, and she could spend hours just sitting there watching the birds. I found it hard to understand at first, but it's absolutely mesmerizing and very relaxing. Time flies by more quickly than the golden finches dart in and out of sight.

I saw three types of finches, a gorgeous (non-tufted) woodpecker with a scarlet head and black and white body, junkos (juncoes?) that are ground feeders, a tufted something-or-other, sparrows,, robins, a sapsucker (but not the yellow-bellied), blackbirds (not red-wing, and not crows), bluebirds (not blue jays, didn't see one of those), and others that I can't remember because I'm not normally into birds this much. But I think I could be.

Then we walked. Jan did 2 1/2 miles and I did 2. I'm not a fan of walking on gravel roads. Hard on the ankles and you have to keep looking down instead of at all the beautiful surroundings.

Jane, Pete, Jordan and Sarah came out for lunch. That was nice. After lunch Jane and Pete nearly fell asleep on the porch swing. After they left, we cleaned up and Jan and Tim took me to the airport. It was very convenient because the airport is on the way to our brother John's land and cabin. Everyone was going for a weiner roast. I thought it was strange that the party started just as my plane took off.

Thought they liked me.

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