Monday, April 18, 2005

4/18 I'm excited!

I'm leaving Saturday for LA. It will be awesome to see Kayla and Hunter...and of course Jill and Todd. But my grandkids are growing so quickly and I haven't seen them in person since December. Of course I see them frequently via webcam. What a blessing that is!

Got to work at 7 AM today. Taught a workshop at 9 and I wasn't as prepared as I usually am. But the workshp (co-taught by a colleague) went very well. Now I can concentrate on re-memorizing my stand-up material.

Last night was great. We had a practice for the ComedySportz Rec League. I'm much more excited about it now. It will be lots of fun. We're designing our shirts now.


Bron said...

woohooo shirts! post pix!
And have fun in LA

Jer said...

Thanks, Bron. Yep, I'll post pictures of the shirts...the team. Our first match isn't until May 1, since we have a bye on April 24.