Thursday, April 28, 2005

4/28 Sad/happy/sad/happy/sad/happy ad infinitum

Happy of course because I'm with my beloved daughter and grandchildren.

Sad because I left so many fascinating and loving and FUN friends.

Okay, let's get the boring stuff finished first--my absolute obsessive reporting of my sleep. In four nights, I had 10 hours total. Is that the reason I can't hear and can barely talk? Bruce thinks it's a big part of it. Is that the reason I keep listing to the right when I walk? I do think it's because I can't hear out of my left ear. Well, the listing only occurs when someone cute is walking on my right side. That's not wrong, is it?

Yesterday was fun in so many many ways. I didn't take notes because I was having too much fun. Writers should always have a paper and writing utensil handy. All I had handly was the next bunch of money to bet. DF was a superb teacher and I came out well ahead.

Joanne has become one of my favorite people in the world. She made everything so easy for the rest of us. Public props being issued. More about her later (or in the future because I keep dozing off as I type...)

We ate lunch at Lotus again yesterday. I rode with Dave, Jim and Nancie and we met Deb, Suzanne and omigod do I have read Nancie's blog to remember who the 7th person was? Got it, without cheating... it was Hutch, how could I forget? Food there is unbelievable and I would have eaten there daily if I'd had the time and the money. Oh, wait--I do have the money. Thanks again, DF.

Bruce and I went to the venue at 5 for sound check and to meet the staff. Nice place--in an office building--but the auditorium was great. The bad thing was they didn't do a sound check for me and Bruce and I took care of it. We decided I should do my act in front of the mikes, etc. because there were so many wires and "stuff" where Bruce and Jerome would play. It would have been dangerous for me to try to walk back and forth, trying to connect with the audience. The unfortunate thing was that no one else was there to tell us that if I worked closer to the audience I would not be in the lights anymore. Effectively making me the Unknown Comic, 2005 version. But the audience seemed entertained.

When it was Bruce's turn, he absolutely burned down the building he was so hot. Extreme talent, coupled with witty patter, caused us to give him a standing ovation. All right, he had us at Howdy. But we would have given him a standing O anyway.

And I'm now a professional comedian. I got paid. Cool. Thanks for everything, Bruce.

Afterward I went out gambling (what else) with Joanne, Bruce, Dave, Suzanne, and Steph. Fun fun fun. At 4 AM DF wanted to call it a night, so we left Caesar's with six folks in a five seater. What fun that was! And Joanne, Bruce and I started gambling again at Bally's. It was more a social thing, and an unwillingness to go to sleep. We stayed there until a little before five a.m.

I got up at 8:15 and went down to breakfast because I wanted to be able to say good-bye to people. This was the day hardly anyone woke up early. I did visit with Glo and Lynt, which was nice.

Then back up to the suite to pack. Glo joined us. And so did lots of others. I can't express how happy I was to see so many pals in the suite to say good-bye. I'm a lucky, lucky bug.

(Suzanne, Joanne and I were separated at birth. I don't know if anyone else noticed that.)

I got upgraded to first class, and a Barenaked Lady sat in front of me. Wait... I mean a member of the group, Barenaked Ladies, sat in front of me. That sounds better. Forgot his name. Dark hair, with black glasses. I love their music and I kept my composure. I didn't even say, "Which one are you?"

Also saw the American Idol contestant that laughs like Fran Drescher. The 16 going on 80 year old. More tomorrow. I need sleep.


DF said...

Ahhh, Jer, I just finished reading your account of the LV trip and you're making me misty! You couldn't hear, you couldn't talk, but you sure could have fun. And make other folks' lives more fun.

You rock!


Jer said...

Thanks, Dave. It was so much fun! You were a huge part of that. Deb and I decided we want to know every time you go to LV--and we want to follow you. :) Jer