Monday, January 01, 2007

1/1 Happy New Year 2007!

Am excited about this new year and the changes it will bring. Yes, I've had tons of changes since October, but soon I'll decide where I'm going to live, and I'm thrilled.

As for now--I got up early and have minestrone soup simmering on the stove to take to Joe and Cindy's house. We will go there at 11.

Yesterday I went to Mass with Jane. Usually I see so many people I know, but didn't this time. Then she and Kris and I ran errands and ate lunch at Panera. Is it a publicly traded company? If so, I should buy some stock, as much as I eat there.

We went out to the cemetary to bring flowers, but someone had beat us to it. We'll all go out there today around 11:30 for the ceremonial beer drinking and remembering. Then back to J and C's for a scrumptious spread. Joe made chili, Jane made French Onion Soup, and I made minestrone. We'll surely have enough soup choices. :) Then of course, they'll be tons of other things. Around here we never start a diet on New Year's Day, but rather the day after.

Last night we watched Little Miss Sunshine. I was the only one who really liked it a lot. Jane and Sarah tolerated it and kept walking in and out of the room until the end. So it just wasn't their kind of movie. Then we watched part of Bend It Like Beckham (again). I love that movie...but we got tired a little after 11 and went to bed. I knew I'd have to get up at 7 to start my soup, so it didn't make sense to stay awake until midnight. Jordan stayed over at a friend's house, so he probably made it.

Sarah hardly coughed last night. I'm so glad as my heart just goes out to her, she hasn't been sleeping. She stayed in her own bed instead of having to sleep in the recliner, too, so that was also good.

Okay, better get busy. Will write about the details of the day later. Happy new year to all! (Hope I kick some butt in poker.)


Beata said...

Happy New Year to you Mom! I am glad that you got to enjoy your special day at the cemetery. So, how was poker? Who won??? :-)

Cindy said...

poor Jer did not kick any butt at poker here! Apparently they play different than you and she didn't adapt well to the IL rules! We all did have a good time though, and I hope she is glad she could be here, as it does seem to be a special day for their family. All the stress of the 'big' holiday is over, and this day is 1st to celebrate their parents, then enjoy each others company with good food and games. I am glad the tradition has continued 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Until you sell your house in Wisconsin, how can you move anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Drive safely!

Jer said...

Yes, Cindy, thanks to you and Joe, the tradition has continued. I for one am very grateful.

And B, I lost big time at poker. I need to get used to the chaos. They play a bit differently...there's nothing wrong with it, it's just different than how we play in NC. The first match I was the first one out...all my own fault. Went all in early and lost. Second match I was 4th or 5th out of 9 or 10 folks. Still not good, but a little less humiliating than the first time.

Jer said...

First anonymous--none of your business. Unless of course you tell me who you are.

Second anonymous--thank you.

Anonymous said...

Little Miss Sunshine is one of those movies that either you get or you dont!My 13yr old and I loved it! She has watched it 3 times. The Royal Tenenbaums was another one of those movies that my family just didnt get, also Lost in Traslation....maybe I am weird! Kellie Sheward--

Jer said...

Kellie, I understand completely. One of my family members said that people who love Little Miss Sunshine also love Royal Tenenbaums. Makes sense to me.