Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1/2 In Cookesville, TN

I'm more than half way back to Sanford, NC. Drove another way today after consulting with my b-i-l Tim. He said he's driven this way on a motorcycle before and it's beautiful. I am looking forward to the Smokies tomorrow. Today was an easy drive, but long, with another one hour delay. This delay was because of a five car accident. I can't complain about the delay, because I arrived safely.

Last night I stayed at Jan and Tim's because Pete was really sick and Jane suggested I move to our other sister's. I'm glad I did. He was miserable, and I'm grateful I'm healthy. Of course, Rob just told me via phone that he and Beata are sick. Maybe staying in Tennessee is the best answer. :)

Yesterday was so much fun at Joe and Cindy's. We started with the trip to the cemetary, for the drinking and celebrating with Mom and Dad. As usual, it was a special occasion. Then back to J and C's for a fantastic meal, with several soup choices and tons of desserts. That's why diets can never begin on January 1 in our family.

I gave out my Christmas presents and also gifts from Rob and Beata for people who helped with their dogs and cats earlier in the year. The gifts from Okinawa were much appreciated.

Poker was a riot, but a disaster for yours truly. As stated elsewhere in a comment, there was nothing wrong with the game, but it's just organized differently than how we do it in NC. Maybe next time, I'll be more relaxed and do better. But it doesn't really matter. I had my money's worth of fun. :)

After two poker matches, we played other games. Team "Scene It" and Catch Phrase. What a riot with 14 people playing. Loved it.

Thanks to Joe and Cindy for having us all to their home. You guys are great.


Cindy said...

Aren't we just! ;o) I thought it was a great day too...and NOW with everything cleaned up and put away, I even can remember it being better. I loved the Catch Phrase game, but doesn't it seem like when you get the little thing, you always get the hardest phrase or word? I hope next year you can talk your kids to come home too.

Jer said...

Trust me, Cin, there's nothing I want more than to have my whole little family together. It's never happened since both kids have been born, and Hunter is four already.

Lucky me though, I get to go visit the left coast folks later this month.

Kelly said...

Have a safe rest of your trip!! I love the Smoky Mountains. It's been awhile since I've been there though. Enjoy the scenery. It will hopefully make the time pass faster. Hope Beata and Rob are all better by the time you get there.

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

I can always hope that we can travel during the holidays... maybe some year if Todd changes jobs we can travel and he won't be in his peak time at work. Someday....

Jer said...

Hi, Kelly and Jill. The trip ended up being easy and beautiful, and R and B are both feeling a bit better. Yay.