Friday, January 05, 2007

1/5 Quiet night

Last night I made mac and cheese for Rob and me. We both love it. Tonight it's grilled cheese and tomato soup, another favorite--and his idea.

No excitement though. He worked a while on a voice over project for the military. I must admit he sounds great. Both of us went to bed early, but I stayed awake late watching TV shows recorded while I was gone.

It's not quite as lively around here without Beata. Her flight was delayed for several hours because of weather in Chicago, but she finally arrived okay. I'm sure she's having fun.

Yesterday I started my walking regime. Only made 15 minutes because of my stupid knee. Today I did 20 minutes, but had to stop. I'm glad it's just my bruised knee and not because of any serious reason. I plan to keep walking every day, and am sure my knee will not be so stiff and sore.

Right now Chilli is sleeping at my feet. He dragged a couch pillow into my room so he would have something comfortable to sleep on. Couldn't believe it. So cute.

So no excitement to report. Back to boredom, but I love it.


Cindy said...

Yes, I can imagine you miss Beata'a bubbley personality, but I would think you are loving some one on one time with your son....I know I would be! You've always done real well with 'sharing' your kids....I know I will not be so good....I already hate all my future d-i-l's!!!!! Anyway, enjoy your "Rob and me" time.

Jer said...

Cin, you're right. I am enjoying my time with Rob. We liked our grilled cheese and tomato soup dinner, and have been watching Man Vs Wild on the Discovery Channel.

Rob has to go to the Raleigh airport soon to pick up a buddy who's transferring here from Okinawa. Seems like Rob is living on the road to the airport nowadays.

Andrea said...

I'm with Cindy, after all those years of Rob being overseas, I would treasure every moment of having him to yourself!