Monday, January 15, 2007

1/15 Hee-dee-oos

That's kind of how Beata used to pronounce hideous, and still does (as a joke). She cut her hair today, after cutting her bangs earlier. It's really cute, so I said, "My turn."

It had been nearly three months since I had a hair trim. Usually it's five to six weeks. So I'm pretty shaggy. She cut the back of my hair, and also my bangs. Left the sides and top alone. Looks pretty good. I'm proud of her, plus proud of my courage to let her do it. :)

Well, back to packing. Rob is taking me to the airport tomorrow at 5 AM. Yikes.

Can't wait to see my grandkids!


Anonymous said...

Mom, I think you are VERY courageous. But I guess you had to see how I chopped off my hair and it looked good in order to do it. But putting your hair in a not-hair stylist hands takes some balls to do it! ;-)
Have a safe trip!

uncle Joe said...

Hey I haven't had a hair cut for 10 weeks now and I usually get one every 5 weeks. So how about it Beata can I fly you up here to give me a haircut.

Anonymous said...

You can fly me in and I will definitely take care of your hair! Consider it as ALL GONE!

Aunt Cindy said...

sorry Bea...if we fly anyone in it will have to be my sweet baby boy that I miss so much, and he can cut his dad's hair. Seriously though, I don't think it takes any courage to let someone you love cut your hair. It was one of my jobs as a teenager to cut my brothers hair and I even cut a piece out of Chuck's ear once, and he came back for more. I don't think I saw the inside of a real salon until Chuck met Donna (except my first communion, and I felt like a princess) It was nice of you to cut Jer's hair for her, but I hope you told her the going rate is about $20.