Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1/16 In Southern California

Jill and Hunter picked me up from the Burbank airport. After a brief lunch we went to school to pick up Ms. Kayla from first grade. I wasn't standing near Jill, and suddenly saw Kayla looking up at Jill with tears in her eyes. "Where's Grandma?" I immediately said, "Here I am, sweetie," and she was fine right away. What a treat to be able to make her so happy with just my presence.

I helped a little with her homework, and Jill finished. Afterward, Kayla and Hunter made a "water stand" indoors, where they pretend it's a hot day and sell water. I bought some for Jill and myself, and boy was it good. The cost was $6.51, so I was lucky they accepted pretend money.

Tonight, after dinner we'll have our (very) late Christmas. Can't wait.


rob said...

Mom, we're glad you made it safe and sound. We certainly wish we could be there too. I can just imagine beautiful little Kayla asking about you. How sweet!!!!

Well, give everybody hugs from us. We love you all!!

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Rob - It has been great having mom here. The kids were absolutely excited that she was going to be with them for 5 days. Miss you tons and wish you could be here too. See you in 2007 (I hope!). We are already having a great time.

Jer said...

Wow. This is going to be a good day--both my kids commenting at the same time. I'm not only in Grandma heaven, I'm in Mommy heaven too.

fqnlmv said...

SO....did you have trouble with first grade homework.....is that why Jill had to finish it? Sorry..just thought that sounded funny....Glad you are having such a great time with Jill and the kids. I thought my grandma's were the greatest gifts on earth.

Jer said...

Guess I could have been more clear. But you get the picture. Who are you by the way?