Saturday, January 06, 2007

1/6 What wonderful weather

I can't believe the spring-like weather here. In the low 70s with rain at night. It's so beautiful!

Rob's friend Brian spent the night. Nice young man. Rob picked him up at the airport last night. The dogs (except Chilli) knew him already since he used to pet sit for R and B in Okinawa. His wife will be joining him soon. In the meantime, he's staying in the hotel on post.

Today we played a little poker which was fun. Then Rob took Brian to Ft. Bragg so he could get settled in. Rob should be back shortly. In the meantime I'm prepping for my interview. Am printing out some of the agency's web pages so I can study them. Might as well be prepared, just in case.

Took another walk today, then iced my knee afterward. I'm only walking about 20 minutes a day until the knee heals more.

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