Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1/31 Snow in the future?

Tomorrow Raleigh is supposed to have freezing rain, sleet, and snow. And up to 1 inch of ice on the roads. Yikes. That will make things stand still here--well, unless they're sliding on the ice that is. We're an hour southwest of Raleigh and are supposed to get some of the weather, but not quite the beating Raleigh will get.

Beata just wants enough snow to cover the ground for a few hours so she can play in it, then it can go away. I told her it doesn't often work that way, but perhaps it will here.

I'm supposed to hear from the people in Austin within two weeks or so. So I'm looking to hear by Friday, February 7. Still don't know what's going to happen. I did apply in Raleigh for a Red Cross disaster job that was advertised on the internet. It will take a long time to hear about that, those internet jobs move very slowly.

It sure will be grand to get back to work. Sitting around just isn't my style. Although my sibs all know how lazy I can be, I do love to work.

Today is my brother-in-law Tim's birthday. He was stationed with my husband Phil in Hawaii. And Phil and I introduced him to my sister Jan. We really had him picked out for a friend of ours, and had chosen another guy for Jan, but Jan and Tim hit it off immediately. They've been married now for nearly 36 years.

Happy birthday, Timmy.

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Cindy said...

I hope Beata gets her SNOW...I know how happy she would be, speaking as a SNOW LOVER myself. We are suppose to get more tomorrow too. This has been our 'snowiest' winter in a good long time, and I am loving it. HOWEVER, the artic blast temps(single digets and below) are NOT a friend of mine. (or Kirby's because I don't walk in it)

Happy Birthday Timmy....I am really glad Jan did not pick the other guy...she is a smart girl and knew you'd be perfect together. From Hawaii to Ohio to Missouri---kinda looks like you are moving DOWN the 'hick' chain of states though. We are just glad you are 'home' and happier still that Kris is here too...NOW you need to work on Craig and Megan.