Friday, January 12, 2007

1/12 What happened to yesterday?

Yesterday just flew by. So fast that I forgot to post a blog. I had my laptop in the living room and spent lots of good time with Rob in the afternoon while Beata was running errands. We did have a great dinner--each had something different since Beata went to the market. I love meals like that.

This morning I made a big, fat breakfast--bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, and home fries. It was very filling, and very good. Tonight Beata is making cheese-stuffed jumbo pasta shells. Yum. I'm getting hungry.

Received a call from the crew coordinator from the Chicago Avon Breast Cancer Walk, wanting to know if I would make the team leader meeting. Guess I'd forgotten to tell her I'm no longer in Milwaukee.

Also got an email from Betsy in Austin. She'd received a letter from the lawyer I met at the airport, asking how my interview went. How sweet.

I'm in a good mood...had a good day with Rob and Beata and the zoo. Think I'll sleep well tonight.

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