Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1/17 What to write about...

There's so much I want to say.

Jill made a great meal last night--salisbury steak over pasta, and corn. She made mine with a veggie burger, a very good idea. Then we opened our Christmas presents. I got the coolest coffee mug and a really big Amex gift card. That will come in handy when I move (whether it's Mississippi, Raleigh, or Quincy). Everyone seemed to like the gifts I got them. The kids especially loved books with stuffed animals. The animals star in the books. Kayla got a kangaroo with a baby roo with the book Do You Have A Mommy? She was reading it the first time through. That's a thrill for me. Hunter got a gorilla and baby gorilla with the book From Head to Toe. He says they are King Kong and baby King Kong. Both of them brought the animals downstairs with them this morning.

Both kids are thrilling me, as always. I sat cuddling with Kayla and just basked in her loveliness. I said, "Kayla, you are so beautiful." She replied, "I'll never be as pretty as you, Grandma." Made me cry--because she really meant it. (Now one of my brothers will probably remark how sad it is that Kayla has gone blind, but I don't care.) :)

And Hunter has come up with some good ones too. When being teased about a girl at pre-school giving him a kiss, Hunter replied: Nope, Rachel's not my girlfriend. No, Hannah's not my girlfriend. Grandma is. I'm going to marry her. (Again, the beauty of it is that he was serious.)

Later I said to him, "You are so funny, Hunter." Hunter: I was born funny.

I went to bed at 8:30 last night, right after putting the kids to sleep. It had been a long day--got up at 1 AM Pacific time to go to the airport. Because I went to bed so early last night, I woke up at 2:30, 3:30 and 5. Finally got up at 5 and showered. A short while later this sweet little voice said, "Grandma, good morning," in almost a singing voice. It was Hunter. We had some special time together before Kayla woke up.

Todd took Jill to work, and after breakfast Hunter and I took Kayla to school. She is wearing the headpiece that Jill wore as the flower girl in John's and my wedding more than 26 years ago. (Cindy, remember making that cute headband with ribbon and flower streamers? So cute.) Kayla looks so much like Jill, and she absolutely loves it. Says she's a princess in it. She had to wear just the right outfit so it would go with the princess crown. Lovely.

I was going to take Hunter to the park and to Chuck E. Cheese for our special time while Kayla was at school, and then later Kayla was going to go with me to Build A Bear for our special time. Unfortunately for the kids (but fortunately for me) Kayla has a short day at school and gets done at 12:30 instead of 2:30. So I'm taking them both to Chuck E. Cheese and both the Build A Bear. It'll be such fun for me. Then we'll go to the park tomorrow.

Jill took off work coaching gymnastics tomorrow and took off work at Advanced Bionics on Friday, so I'll get so much wonderful time with her. See me smile?

Gotta run. Hunter and I are going to watch Mulan. I am one lucky bug.


Kelly said...

Sounds like you will get to have a lot of good quality time with the kids and Jill too since she took off of work. Have a great time and take lots of pictures. I'd love to see some new ones of the kids!

Cindy said...

Poor Hunter...he can do so much better for a bride ...and Kayla,dear,you need a better mirror, and not that one Snow White uses either... All kidding aside jer, your time with your darling grandkids sounds glorious. I am so envious and can't wait until God blesses Joe and I with a few of our own, as beautiful as yours.

Andea said...

You must be having the time of your life. Take some pictures of your adorable grandchildren and post them when you have time.

Jer said...

Thanks so much, Kelly, Cin, and Andre. Jill can't believe that I didn't bring my camera this time. But she has digital cameras too, so we'll take some tomorrow or the next day. I want some pics of the kids with their newly adopted pets from Build A Bear Workshop.

Anonymous said...

Mom, we are so happy that you get to spend such wonderful time with Jill, Todd, and the kids! :-) Enjoy your time, and give them tons of hugs from us.

Jer said...

You got it, Beata. I am hugging them all several times a day. :)

Anonymous said...

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