Thursday, March 01, 2007

3/1 A taxi driver with a story

He was originally from British West Africa, which became Biafra. After the Biafran War his country became part of Nigeria. He told an interesting tale about multinational corporations in his oil-rich country.

He's got a masters' degree in criminology and a wife who is a doctor. She's finishing her residency in Africa and their two children are living with her. He's a citizen now, as are his kids. But his wife is experiencing some difficulties with her green card, but they're confident it will be resolved in a few months.

He quit his government job as a probation officer. Enjoys driving a cab, and teaching at a local college.

He just returned from Africa after going home for his father's funeral. His father was the mayor of their (large) city. He showed a picture of the entire family standing in front of their home--a gorgeous mansion surrounded by coconut palms and banana trees.

The trip to the hotel passed by so quickly.

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