Saturday, March 24, 2007

3/24 Wait...there's more

Haven't started taxes yet but will soon. Laundry took longer than planned. And PetSmart was waaay too much fun. Bought a collar and leash (both pink) and picked out the crate I want, but didn't buy it today. Maybe next week.

Talked to both Jan and Jill today. It was nice. And I keep going to my brother Joe's blog because today it is even funnier than usual. Our family is odd. Weird, sick, funny, loving, sarcastic, smart, and well...odd. That's part of our charm. If you're into weird families read Joe's blog today.


Cindy said...

those darn Bozarth' try washing them out, you try scrubbing them out, and YET they just keep hanging on!

Jer said...

Love it, Cin!