Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3/28 Black water and gray water

Ah, the joys of RV living. I'm learning the hard way about the intricacies of plumbing issues in an RV. 'Nuff said.

Today was busier than I could have ever envisioned. Didn't get any of the work done that I'd planned. One HR thing after another, and then one contract thing after another, and then one blah blah blah. You get the picture. I'm weird though--I love it.

Jill called me a few minutes ago. She's registering Hunter for kindergarten. It's so weird when your youngest goes off to school. I remember experiencing the same thing with Jill. My little one--all grown up; or at least she thought she was. Hunter is excited about being at the same school with his big sister Kayla. They are both so adorable...miss them tons.


Cindy said...

And NOW your 'little one' IS all grown up, and sending HER LITTLE one off to Kindergarten....Funny how that works huh?

Jer said...

Yep, just you wait, Cindy. It won't be long for you either. :)

Cindy said...

jer...Kayla will be sending her kids off to Kindergarten be for I will be seeing my own grandchildren going to school...Have you met my boys?

Jer said...

It won't be long for Eric. Maybe.