Saturday, March 24, 2007

3/24 Saturday

I slept late--8 AM. This is the first morning I slept until it was light.

After my shower I went to Joy's for coffee and a bagel. Then down to the Gulf. I walked for 40 minutes then took a drive around the peninsula. Past all the many casinos, but through small, devastated neighborhoods too. The difference between the two is astounding.

Now I'm doing laundry and will soon start on my taxes. I won't finish them right away though because I'm going to PetSmart to buy some puppy "stuff." Then to a late lunch/early dinner.

Living less than a mile from the beach is AOK with me. Wow, what a blessing!


Cindy said...

sounds like someone is procrastinating!!!!! Get busy on those Taxes girl!!! you'd hate to see the name of the newly appointed Disaster Relief Queen in the paper for Tax Evasion.

Jer said...

Thanks for the promotion, Cindy. :) I watched Snow Falling on Cedars, and it was really good, albeit a bit artsy. I liked it, and was able to do some of the "scut work" of the taxes. I've gotten everything organized, and added my three W-2s.