Thursday, March 15, 2007

3/15 Staying busy

Started with an 8 AM meeting with John and at 8:30 we left for a meeting with the Executive Director of IDTF (Interfaith Disaster Task Force). Guess I'm going to take John's place on the board. Then lunch with Mike from Lutheran Disaster Response in Chicago. (I'm getting a lot of free lunches out of this job.) Afterward I had a Managers' Meeting, which went well. But I wasn't able to cover half of what I needed too. Normally they only meet every two weeks, so I'm going to call some special meetings to get stuff done.

At 3 had a conference call with my boss in Austin and the other state directors from Louisiana and Texas. We worked on the the evacuation plans. Wow. So much to think about. I have 50 staff and usually around 400 volunteers, plus tons of vehicles and equipment. This is going to take a while to finish, but will be very valuable. Hurricane season starts again in June and lasts through November. Never know what Mother Nature has in store for us.

Worked until around 6 and now I'm sitting here eating and typing. :)


Kelly said...

Sounds like you've been incredibly busy!!! I'm sure things will calm down a bit once you're all settled in. It definitely sounds like you are happy and enjoying it all. I've enjoyed reading about it all.

Jer said...

Thanks, Kel. I hope it settles down a bit.