Sunday, March 25, 2007

3/25 Sunday miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Musings:

Went to 8 AM services at Christus Victor. Since I was awake anyway I decided to go to the early one. Pastor Terri introduced me and had me stand. More than 100 people in the church were volunteers from Camp Victor and so it was good they could associate a face with my name. As I sat back down it really hit me about the enormity of this job. I just looked up at the cross and thought, "Help me."

In my travels today I drove along Beach Drive four times. There's a huge speedboat race going on and the roads and beaches are full of people. I could see from the road though and each speedboat had a helicopter right over it. How cool is that?

As I neared Keesler Air Force Base a C130J flew right over me. That thing is as huge as a small village.

I passed a clearing where a church used to stand. The people were having worship services near a big wooden cross they'd put up.

Our motto at work is Semper Gumby, standing for Always Flexible. Don't know who made it up, but I heard it from Henry, a retired Marine. I love it.

Went shopping, got my nails done, bought food and clothing. Went out to breakfast after church. Everyone is so friendly. We just chat while waiting in line.

Met some people from Luck, WI who are volunteering here.

Have been working on my taxes. Am almost done with my federal ones. Will get a nice refund this year--that's because I had CPI take out more money than I needed. I'm a terrible saver and didn't want to be caught unaware with a high tax bill.

I know there's more, but I'm tired.


Cindy said... did more today than i want to do this week...Good for you. And to my thinking, there is NO real help without God's Hand in it...but it is good that you asked...and keep asking.

Jer said...

Of course, I agree, Cin. But that moment was just crystal clear--this job is so big and there are so many people depending on us. Kind of scary.

Monkling said...

"Semper Gumby" I love that!

Beata said...

Mom, they really got the best person for the job! :-)

Jer said...

Yeah, me too, Monk.

And Beata, thanks bunches.

Cindy said...

better be careful there granny K used the word 'bunches' a lot. If you start waving double handed, look out.

Jer said...

I'll never say it again, at least until I'm old enough to be a grandma.