Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3/14 Home inspection

Started off with a morning meeting with John to pass off the "almost final" stuff to me. Then went to the luncheon with the mayor of Biloxi to celebrate how much work has been done. The room had hundreds of people in it. I don't think the mayor will recognize me if we meet again. :)

At 2 I went to my house for the home inspection. I followed the guy around so I would know everything about the place. Afterwards the inspector said, "I don't think I ever had a house where I didn't write anything on the comment page." So needless to say I feel really good.

The house was built by Adams Builders and apparently they have a really good reputation. Yay for that!

Tomorrow I have lots of meetings and a conference call with the Senior VP in Austin, my boss.


Cindy said...

Can't got wrong with "Adams" anything.

Jer said...

Yeah, I never thought of that, Cin. (Friends, Quincy is in Adams County and Cin/Joe's oldest son is Adam.)