Tuesday, March 06, 2007

3/6 Survived the second day

So much to write about. First of all I got to work at 7:30 because I was awake and anxious to get started. At 9 there was a meeting with someone from Habitat for Humanity. We have several projects going on with them which are quite exciting. Then at 9:45 a meeting with the president of a neighborhood association where we are going to rebuild nearly 100 homes next year. Yep. And that's only one project. I'm amazed at the scope of work my organization does. (Yep, my organization. I'm already feeling like a full-fledged member.)

Later we went over to our camp in Ocean Springs for a tour. Again, I was amazed. This place houses 200 volunteers at one time, as well as a distribution center, kitchen, and dining room. Such a dedicated group of people. Many of them are from other states and are living here as staff members. Others are volunteers from all over the US. Even five people from other countries. We ate lunch there and it was amazing. They had veggie corn dogs too. And I ate two of them. Yum.

At one, my realtor picked me up and we looked at houses. No condos are available. Well, one is, but it's in a rough-looking neighborhood. I found two houses that I really liked. One is in Ocean Springs about 1/2 mile from the Gulf, and the other is in north Biloxi. We'll look at a few more tomorrow.

The devastation is still everywhere. Many people are working hard to rebuild, but others either don't have the resources or the inclination--or maybe both. My heart just hurts for all the damage and loss.

Now I'm tired. G'night.


rob said...

It's great that you're feeling like a member of the team already, mom. It sounds like your plate is really full down there. Lots of work to be done, and we're just so proud that you're heading up the efforts.

Veggie corndogs... Wow. What a treat.


Love you.

Jer said...

Thanks, sweetie. Lots of meetings today too. Yesterday was awesome though. Hope I feel the same way today as well. :)