Thursday, March 08, 2007

3/8 So much going on

Today we visited Camp Biloxi. Totally cool, just like Camp Victor, but very different. I love that the camps are different. Victor is self contained in a 52,000 square foot converted warehouse. Inside are all the bunkhouses, kitchen, mess hall, distribution center, and warehouse. At Camp Biloxi it's not centralized. People live in containers that are like big trailers. The kitchen is currently in a huge tent, but will be moved to a permanent structure. There are spaces for 27 RVs as well. Both camps are really big, and very well organized.

We also talked about the plans for the big ceremony tomorrow. John had the idea to have a "passing of the torch" so that people would know when he's bowing out and when I'm taking over. The media will be there, and all staff will wear their Lutheran Disaster Response polo shirts. I'm quite excited about this. I'll report tomorrow night about how it went.

Because of a tragedy in the selling agent's personal life, I'll hear tomorrow whether they accept the offer or not. Keep your fingers crossed.


Cindy said...

I can't keep my fingers crossed...I need them to work!(but do wish you the luck of the Irish--which is better)

Jer said...

Okay, kiddo. I'll take it. :)

rob said...

Good luck with everything, mom. I hope you get somebody to take a few pictures for you at the ceremony.

Jer said...

Thanks, honey. The newspaper will take pictures. ;)

I did ask others to take digital ones so we can put them online.