Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3/13 Me in a jet!

This is me in a C21, commonly called a Lear Jet. John and I went to Keesler Air Force Base, just a few miles from our office. We met with Chaplain (Captain) Mike Howard and got the grand tour. We saw a huge flight simulator for the C130J. Amazing. Then to a hangar where we saw the C21. Even though the one I was in is a very tiny plane and the C130 is gigantic, they have exactly the same control panels. So they have pilots requalify in the smaller plane. Plus they use them to transport VIPs. I met some great guys there, including some other chaplains. The chief one is a priest and is retiring next month. What a nice guy. But I really liked Mike. As part of the tour we went by the base housing--more than 2/3 of the houses had been destroyed by Katrina. Only 600 are currently in use. More than 2/3 of ALL the buildings on base had been damaged also. But the post is coming back...one chaplain said you can hear kids playing now, and that's such a hopeful sign. Oh, and I kept getting introduced as a Special Forces Mom. :)

John and I stopped for lunch with his wife OkHee. She made a great salad in their RV. When they leave Sunday, I'm moving in. It's a new-ish one that is quite large. I think it will be nicer than my hotel room, so I'll stay there until I can get in my house. Plus I can have my puppy there when I pick her up.

After lunch I had a meeting with two of my senior staff members to discuss our Evacuation Plan. We have to refine it because hurricane season begins again in June. So there's lots to do. Thursday I have a conference call with Austin about it, and another meeting after that.

Tonight we had a dinner meeting with a married couple who travel all over the US teaching construction classes to volunteers and staff. They're here for a week to help us catch up with our estimations. So it was fun meeting them over a Chinese buffet.

Tomorrow I'm going to a luncheon with the mayor. So tons of other people will be there too, but I'll still have lunch with the mayor. After that it's time for the home inspection on my new place.


Cindy said...

your day sounds very full.

Jer said...

Yes, I haven't been able to get much work done. A lot of my job involves working with outside agencies and John only had two weeks to introduce me to people. So it's going by very quickly.

rob said...

Mom, it sure sounds like a whirlwind tour. It's so cool that you have to network and build friendships with all those people. You'll do well with that task.

I love that you got introduced as a Special Forces mom plus the director for Lutheran whatever-the-name-is of MS. By the way, you'll have to clarify: what's the name of the organization exactly?

Well, you're busy so get to it. Have fun. Stay safe. Talk to you later on.

Love R&B

Jer said...

Hi, Robbie. The parent company is Lutheran Social Services of the South,Inc. I work for Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response, Inc. My title is--I think--Disaster Services Coordinator, Mississippi. Although it may be State Coordinator.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jer,

I have been a disaster lately. Can you coordinate a disaster plan for me? :)


Keep your blog interesting with more "next day" teasers!

Jer said...

You've always been a disaster, Steve. And I'm afraid I don't have enough skill to help. Sorry.

Cindy said...

robbie...my title is secretary...pretty impressive, huh?

Jer said...

Anything you do is impressive, Cindy.