Thursday, April 19, 2007

4/19 Silent Auction

Am sitting in my hotel room waiting for our IT department to call me. My Blackberry and my laptop are both experiencing problems today.

Last night went out to dinner to Pappadeaux with many LDR state coordinators from all over the place. Of course there weren't many vegetarian choices in a Cajun restaurant but I had a really good salad, baked potato, and of course fresh-baked bread. Delicious.

There was a silent auction yesterday to benefit National VOAD and I made a few bids. I got a small umbrella from the Humane Society and the piece de resistance--a framed poster of Hurricane Katrina. The beauty of it though is that it's made up of tons of very small disaster pictures. From far away it looks like a regular picture. As you get a bit closer it looks like a puzzle. Close up you can tell what it is. Can't wait to hang this in my office. BUT have to get it home. Will go to a MailBoxPlus to ship it. Hope it's not horrifically expensive. It's sure lovely though.

Also bought a beautiful piece of pottery that looks like it's antique. But it's freshly made by a Navajo artist. So lovely and will go perfectly in my living room. Love to all.


Monkling said...

Wait a second. You went to a SILENT auction?? (I'm sorry. I have no self control. I couldn't help myself. My fingers got away from me.)

Jer said...

Yeah, and I talked the whole time.