Sunday, April 29, 2007

4/29 Quincy in Quincy

Will post pictures as soon as I get them from Jane.

The trip here was 13.5 hours instead of 12. Q was in the back seat, with her doggy seat belt on, and barked whenever she had to go outside. The only problem was that people kept making over her whenever she was out. It was sweet but slowed down the trip home. :) I finally had to tell some bikers that they had to quit the baby talk because I needed to leave.

She acts like she feels fine but was urinating a lot. Not in the car, and not in the guest bed at Jan and Tim's. But everywhere else. Last night though she only had to go outside one time during the night, which was very nice. And it wasn't even Quincy that woke up--it was me. I had to go, so woke her up accidentally. Ah, well, it worked out fine. She's on this antibiotic regimen for 14 days this time. Hope it all works out well. I hate it when she acts sick. Luckily that wasn't often.

In early June we're doing the Avon Breast Cancer Walk again. Jan, Kris, and Beth are walking. Jane, Deb, and I are crewing. They are on the medical team and I'm incident response. Am looking forward to spending time with them. This is our sixth year and it's such a pleasure to do it. I even love sleeping in tents. Today we went walking. The walkers are going at least five miles. Jane, Sarah, and I walked Quincy, Bailey, and Max about six blocks total to Quincy University and back. Q was absolutely done at that point. She's passed out now near my feet. I'm typing from Kris's house. Unfortunately I can't get online from Jan and Tim's. They have a gorgeous house out in the country and I'm relaxing so much, it's unbelievable.

Will work all day tomorrow, then go to Panera Bread at some point during the day to sign on their free wireless while I eat lunch.


Cindy said...

Sorry to have been in kirksville and miss the mass dog walk, but really Kirby would be really mad if he only got to go 6 blocks. Enjoy Quincy being a puppy and tiring out so quickly. Soon She will understand that she can 'work' you for an even longer walk than you want...Kirby learned that trick from Max, and on nice days I just can't say no.

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it to Quincy safe and sound. I hope Quincy enjoys all the attention from the family. - Jill

Jer said...

Cindy, I'm across the street at Kris's working. Want to walk dogs at 5?

Jill, thanks sweetie. Q just loves it here.