Sunday, April 08, 2007

4/8 Easter at home

The weather here has been pretty spectacular since I moved. But last night I had to turn on the heat as it got down in the 30s. Unbelievable. Rained all night too. The good thing is that Quincy wasn't scared of it and went outside to do her business. We went to sleep at 11; she woke me up at 2 and at 6. Both times she went right to work outside. I'm still amazed at her ability to know what the outside is for. :)

She's not had one accident with me yet. I am having her sleep in a crate at night, which is probably the secret. Thought I'd let her sleep with me last night but she kept thinking my ankles were a teething ring. Ow. Those little teeth are razor sharp.

At 8 we went for a long walk around the RV park. Long is a relative term--it was probably two blocks but it wore her butt out. She fell asleep immediately when we got back inside so I took the opportunity to leave for a little while. When I returned I opened up the crate she crawled out and kept sleeping. She's still napping on the floor. What a cutie!

As promised here are a few details from the trip yesterday. The 12 hour trip took 15 hours because of several factors. I took another route to miss the Masters' Golf Tournament; there was a huge traffic jam in Atlanta because of a Braves' game; and I stopped 80 gazillion times for Quincy. She was awesome. Didn't make a sound until she had to go to the bathroom and then she'd start whining. There were no false alarms either. We'd play awhile every time we stopped so she'd get tired again. Worked perfectly.

After 12 hours of driving she started HOWLING. I thought, oh no, here she goes. We stopped and she immediately went to the bathroom as soon as her feet hit the grass.

At one rest stop this guy got out of his car and said, "How much will it cost me to get that dog from you?" I told him he didn't have enough money. All along the trip people kept petting her and making over her. I loved that, but she's a puppy and has to concentrate on the job at hand. Still it was very cool.

Many people remark that she looks just like the puppy on the commercial. And I sing it to her all the time--"There ain't no bugs on me. There ain't no bugs on me. There may be bugs on some of you mugs, but there ain't no bugs on me. "


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. Quincy sounds like she is off to a good start. Take care.

Jer said...

Thanks, sweetie. It was good to talk to you yesterday.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a long day but it looks like Quincy is settling in well.

Jer said...

It was such a long day that I've been overtired all day today. Nearly every time Quincy naps I do too. :)

Bron said...

your puppy sounds gorgeous!!!
want to see pix

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

You're napping when your puppy is.... hmmmm... sounds like you have another "baby" in the house. She sure is a cutie, can't wait to see more pics. Love you and rest up.

Cindy said...

crate training is the only way to totally housebreak a dog in my opinion.(though the crying the first few nights is really hard) At least it is the only thing that worked for us. I guess if you are home 24/7 and have no other focus AND a really good dog it would work too. I am glad Q is doing so girl

Jessi said...

Oh my goodness Quincy is so cute!! I want to hold her & cuddle with her. I hope you're bringing her to Quincy next time you come!

Jer said...

Thanks everyone. I'm just loving having a dog again. Am in my office now and she's right by me, sleeping in her crate. People here welcomed her; there wasn't a problem which made me very happy.

Jessi, I'm coming to Quincy at the end of the month and Q is coming with me. I have a meeting in Chicago and she'll stay in Quincy for two days while I'm gone.