Friday, April 27, 2007

4/27 HOORAY! Thank you God!

Her right kidney is really weird, but it seems to be working okay, and my vet said she's not an expert on these tests for puppies so she's sending the ultrasound to the Mississippi State vet school. But for right now I can pick up Quincy and drive to Quincy at noon.

I'm so grateful. My little puppy is okay for now, and we'll find out more when Mississippi State reviews the tests.

More later. Have to get back to work.


Monkling said...

Glad you're reunited. She'll be okay. Might cost you some bucks to make her okay (hopefully not too many, if it does) but it'll all be good. (Remember Nicky's hip replacement surgery when he was a pup?)

Dave said...


Kelly said...

Hope the tests come back with positive results!! Have a safe drive!!

Cindy said...

glad she seems to be getting better

Tom & Jenae said...

Hey Jerri, we were very upset to hear about Quincy yet rather relived to hear that she is currently doing well. Please post some pictures of that adorable puppy when you get the time...please do not hesitate to call us if we can help you in any way at all.

Tom & Jenae

Jer said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm very pleased, but am waiting anxiously for the results from the MS State University vet school. More later when I hear.

Janae and Tom, I took some pictures but can't hook up my phone because my personal computer is in MS, and I only have my work one. But Jane took pics today and she'll email them to me. I'll post as soon as possible. I know you miss Q; you took such good care of her until I was able to pick her up. Can't even tell you how grateful I am. Jer