Saturday, September 11, 2004

9/11 Saturday again

Want another post about my foot? Me either.

After my long day at CPI, I worked at CSz. If you don't think it's hard answering the phone...well, it is. I get confused and have to stop and think before I say the name of the company when I answer. At my regular job, I don't get many direct calls. Usually an inbound caller would be transferred to my by the people who answer the phone. But some people do have my direct number, so I answer with the company name when that happend. I wish the places had totally different names. It would help this tired old brain.

Last night I trained another new person. Surprise! :)

Eva picked up things really quickly and we got very busy so it was super to have someone with me. Because so many patrons came late to the 10 o'clock show we didn't finish work until 11. Since it was so late I decided to stay and watch the rest of the show. The players were great but the audience wasn't. There were lots of people who were drunk when they arrived, so they were coming down from their high during the show, and that really was evident. But I found it hilarious, and I know the players heard my laughter, because there wasn't a lot of it going on.

We had a guest player, Mark, from LA. I'd met him during the World Championship. Nice to see him.

I work with Eva again tonight, so it should be another good night. It's hard to do the job by yourself. You have to do a lot of prep work. Then the customers start arriving up to an hour before showtime, if they're going to eat dinner first. At the same time you are taking money, giving out wristbands (on which you've written their seat or table number). Also you are answering the phone and taking reservations on the computer. So it's evident why I'm happy to be training someone.

Just talked to Jill online. I'm so blessed to have her as a daughter. Again, let's return to a phrase from an earlier entry. Life is good.


Bron said...

sounds exciting to me... you think you can train me? I dont work there, but train me anyway

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Absolutely. Come on over... Jer