Saturday, September 04, 2004

9/4 Ah, the long weekend!

Last night, I sat like a good girl, with my foot up. I watched some TV and played internet Scrabble. Met a new friend--someone to have good matches with.

Today though I'm going to work from Noon until around 10:30 PM at CSz. The work isn't hard. I'll be able to sit most of the time and keep my foot up, so it should be fine. Then I'm meeting friends for the last show. It starts at 10, but I'll be able to slip in around 10:30 when I'm done working.

Last week I joined WW online and when I weighed in yesterday I'd lost 4 pounds the first week. Couldn't believe it. I know that's just the first week and it'll slow down to a pound or two a week, but that's okay. It'll be in the right direction, which is what I need/want.

I've also decided I need to get busy on my writing. I have three novels that need finishing, and I haven't spent time writing for fun lately. Guess writing at work has used up my creativity. :)

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