Wednesday, November 08, 2006

11/8 Megan and Tony and Rob and Randy and Anne and Patty and Nancy and Maria and Mark and...

Last night Megan and Tony came over and helped me complete the packing. They were so wonderful that we got done early and by 10 PM I was in bed watching TV. I woke up early this morning, walked to the corner restaurant for breakfast, and came back to finish loading up my car. Tony did most of it last night, but I had one suitcase to fit in the Sportage. That little SUV is full to the brim.

Rob and Randy came from Mayflower and finished up the truck loading in four hours, so that was a great relief. Rob was a little cutie and I had fun teasing him. As they were leaving I told a friend on the phone that Rob had a little boy crush on me.

While they were packing, Anne came over and visited for a few minutes. She dropped off the DVD of our sketch show from 10/13. All in all, it was good, but the sound wasn't too hot. It would have been awesome if we had been individually miked, but that would have been impossible to accomplish on our limited budget of $0.

On my way out of town I stopped at a McDonald's to check my email and meet up with my friend Nancy and her daughter Maria. Prior to that the realtor, Patty, stopped by Mickey D's so I could sign a paper to reduce the price of my condo. I wanted to do that because it's silly to keep it high when I'm paying the mortgage every month. I just want to sell it.

Had a nice visit with Nancy while Maria played on the playground. Unfortunately, my wireless didn't work at that McDonald's so had to wait until I got here to Jim and Karen's before I could check it. Of course I have been checking it all day with my phone but I don't like to write too many emails with it.

While driving to Aurora I called Mark, an old friend, to wish him a happy birthday. It was nice to surprise him.

I arrived in Aurora around 6, so we ordered dinner to be delivered while we watched the DVD of the show.

It was good to see Jim, Karen, Katie, Frank, and their friend Ann. Jim, Karen, and Ann are in the other room of the lower level setting up the snow village while I catch up here. Their snow village is unbelievable and so beautiful. Everyone gets to choose their house to "live in." I own the Starbucks and live upstairs from it. Yeah, and give myself coffee for free. :)

Tomorrow morning I'll go to Panera nearby to use the high-speed wireless. It's dial up here, and it's difficult to finish everything I need to do. No complaints as I appreciate the hospitality, but it will be easier to do other stuff from Panera.

Guess that's it for tonight. I'm so grateful that a major part of the move has been completed.


David said...

You got outta there alive. The worst is over (at least until
you have to unpack).

Too bad you don't really own that Starbucks. Or could turn your condo in Milwaukee into one, at least.

Beata said...

Dave, what a brillian idea!!!!
And, Mom, I wish I was there too--with Jim and Karen, and Katy and Frank. Give them all hugs and kisses from us.

Jill and Todd said...

Glad to hear the movers didn't take that long. You are on your way to your new adventure now :-).
Love you.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

David, Beata, and Jill, thanks for being here. I am thrilled beyond belief that the adventure has begun.

Anonymous said...

if you are going to live in a 'pretend' Starbucks, and give yourself free 'pretend' coffee, then IF I were you I would 'pretend' to skim so cash out of the cash drawer each day...I hear 'pretend' Jail is not that bad!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Cindy, you are brilliant.

Anonymous said...

aren't I just!!!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

See--we agree!