Monday, December 10, 2007

12/10 Summertime

That's what it felt like. It was nearly 80 and after the early morning fog lifted it was so clear you could see forever. Driving along Beach Boulevard all the way to Bay St. Louis was an even bigger treat than usual.

And when I got to the funders' table at the Long Term Recovery Committee it was rewarding when my company was the only one that could pay for a certain item. It was only $300, but no one else was authorized to purchase it. It was the high point of my day.

Tomorrow is a Christmas party at Camp Biloxi. Everyone's bringing a gift and we're playing Dirty Santa. (Sounds naughty, huh?) But it just means that you can take a gift that someone else has already chosen.

Then tomorrow night it's cards at Caroline's. That's always fun.


Anonymous said...

The trick to "Dirty Santa" is ALL in the wrapping! A beautiful package, or adorable bag will be passed around the most. Have fun.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Except they play that the first person who chooses the present gets to unwrap it. Not quite as much fun as "our" way. :)

I got four nice wine glasses though. Can always use those.

Kelly said...

Ahh, if I could just have one 80 degree day, I might survive the rest of winter. I've become a wimp about cold weather. Maybe it's juggling all those kids into hats,coats, gloves, etc.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

We'll see how I survive in Quincy in January, Kelly. Brrr. But I sure hope there's snow!