Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12/19 My office

I stopped by my office today for a millisecond to pick up some papers. As I walked in I noticed a sign on the Director of Case Management's office that said, "Office for rent. For details, see State Director." I laughed so hard and thanked Willie (our Admin Asst) for making me laugh.

Then I got to my office and saw another sign, "Office for rent. For details, see Administrative Assistant."

That really cracked me up.

Normally I am in the office a lot more than Maria. She supervises people in three different locations (in two counties) and is always on the go. Since the holiday season started however, it seems like I'm always traveling from one meeting to another. I look forward to a day after New Year's when I can sit in my office and work.

Today, in two separate meetings, I pulled out my laptop and answered some emails. It really helped reduce my stress level, and I caught up a little bit.

Tomorrow I'm in my office from 8:30-9:30 and that's it for the entire day. Then the next day I leave for NC. (Yay for that.)


Meredith Laird said...

Darn! I wanted to wish you a safe trip. Guess I can do that anyway, even if you don't see it before you leave. Wishes carry...

Meredith Laird said...

Whoops... not sure how Meredith Laird showed up... but Nancie is here, too.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Hey, Nancie, I'm still working today. Will leave early tomorrow morning from New Orleans. Today I've been in meetings and parties--have another one in seven minutes. Thanks for the note(s). We'll talk soon. Love ya.