Saturday, May 02, 2009

5/2 A day with ups and downs

A huge happy birthday to my favorite grand-daughter. Kayla is 9 years old today. Can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was holding this beautiful infant girl in my arms. She's still beautiful though. And quite the soccer player. She told me today, "You won't believe what happened. Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Joe and Aunt Cindy...(I had no idea where this was going)...gave me the same birthday card--a dalmatian with spots. Isn't that funny?"

She's adorable.

Then Pete had some problems today which caused a trip to the ER. He's absolutely fine now, but it caused a lot of worry for a short time.

Jan and I (and Gussie) went to the Juvenile Diabetes Walk at South Park. We were supposed to walk for an hour. Gussie and I made it for 33 minutes. Afterward Jan came over and planted some more flowers I'd bought. She's helped me so much and my backyard is looking really good. Last year the garden went to pot because I couldn't do anything at all. I can't do much now, but can do some things.

Jane, Pete, and I just returned from Ruby Tuesday for dinner. It was very good. Jane and I re-joined Weight Watchers this morning and we behaved very well at dinner.

Tonight's article is--Swine flu: More racist comments


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Dear Kayla....and I too think it is very funny that you got 2 of the same card!!! My boys LOVED to see how many of the same card they would get! I hope your birthday was fun, and I hope you love being 9 years old. Have a great year.

Great news on the walk Jer....33 minutes is about all I can do myself most days.

Scary stuff Pete....STAY Well....I DEMAND it.

Good Luck with WW Jer... My aunt Jill has done amazing on it.

Jan said...

Hoope you had a great birthday, Kayla. Wow, 9 years old already, you are growing too fast. I can't wait to see you again, I miss you.
Aunt Jan