Monday, May 04, 2009

5/4 I've been a good girl

So far I've stuck to my eating plan. But now am sure ready for dinner. Just walked about a half mile tonight because of a dumb old foot, but it was sure nice anyway.

On our walk we stopped to see Cindy, Eric and Julie. And Kirby was a lunatic. Such a funny dog.

Tonight's article--Panic attacks: They can be cured


Cindy said...

kirby was protecting Julie....HA. Seriously, he is being his own AlphaDog self. He was always like that with Max too, but he hasn't quite figured out Gus is TINY and can't take the abuse like Max did. By the time Kris would go home Max's ears were always soaked. We miss you Max, but it is still nice to have a family[dog]member nearby.

Good to hear you are sticking to the eating plan...getting started is the hardest part. NOW go drink your's the key.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

That's what Jane always says to me, "Drink your water." And I'm doing it. :)

Gus loves to play with Kirby but last night he was just a little rougher than usual. Poor Gus just laid down every time Kirby came near him. It was really funny. But they do get along which is wonderful.

Jill and Todd said...

Good job sticking to your eating plan. I wish I would make myself eat better on a regular basis. I don't always eat when I should (i.e. breakfast). Maybe if I did I would lose the extra pounds I just gained from our last cruise. Oh well... I'm sure I will lose it since I'm running again at the gym. Love you tons!