Friday, May 08, 2009

5/8/09 A great day

My sister and brother-in-law (Jan and Tim) are celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary. That's really something to celebrate!

And 54 years ago today I made my first Communion. Another day to celebrate. :) I remember it very clearly. Feeling like a 7-year-old bride in my white dress and veil. It was such a special feeling. After the Mass, we went home and had a really big party and I got so many presents. I remember my godfather, Uncle Bob, gave me a statue of Mary and I treasured that for many years. Don't know what happened to it, but probably one of my five brothers broke it. When in doubt, blame it on your brother.

Tonight's article is Feel-good Friday: Use this plate to lose some weight

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cINDY said...

Funny, but I remember my First Communion Day in PERFECT clarity. I often wonder now if, like you,it is because I felt beautiful that day, or because of what the meaning of that day has meant to my life and WHO I am. Maybe both..or I'd like to think so.