Friday, June 21, 2013

I finished it

I finished the first draft of Reality Is Murder. Hooray. Today I'll glance at it and clean up anything that needs cleaning up. Then it will go to my first readers and also my publisher. Two of my first readers are just that--readers. They are so important because they'll tell me if the story makes sense, if it's consistent, if the characters are lively and interesting, and if they would buy the book. The other first reader is a writer herself. She'll tell me the unvarnished truth, and when I'm finished crying, I'll take her advice.

To me, it's extremely important to get the readers' point of view because they're the ones who make a book a success or failure. It's not if I have every comma in place, it's whether the story carries the reader into the characters' universe.

I'm thrilled that Draft #1 is done.

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Dave said...

Way to go, Jer!