Monday, June 24, 2013

Enjoying this writing stuff

Another day at my sister's gazebo and pool. She is so kind to let me write here. Plus she supplies the iced tea. I've been here writing three out of the last four days, so am feeling quite productive.

Hard at work on my third book which is the second in the Sam Darling series. This series is going to be family friendly, with the "s" word as the worst thing that happens. Well, except the death, but as with all good cozies, the death happens off screen. Guess that's not true for AMITS. The guy falls over in the first line. No gore or blood however. :)

The Clarice Wilkins series is a bit more out there. There's more language in it, plus I really let my mind go, and have expanded my universe to include things that may or may not ever happen. It's a lot of fun when I can cast off the reins and just RUN...

Happy Reading! Jer

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