Wednesday, September 13, 2017

9/10/17 Dublin and the Book of Kells, DAY 3

Day 3 of Our Celtic Adventure, continued

Sunday 9/10 began with the usual hearty full Irish Breakfast. It was so filling that we had to rest before taking off on our trip. Not really, but the food is indeed more than adequate for a lumberjack, and certainly for two little old ladies. We had this breakfast three mornings in a row. So by the time we got to Galway on Monday we were "Full Irished" out. Great food though.

This young man was hilarious. When I asked what was in the cart, he didn't miss a beat and said, "Dead bodies." What a cutie. 

That next pic is of me in the elevator. Because of all the mirrors you could see yourself forever. Although I'm smiling, I did not like that.

We took the tram to Abbey Street where we were surrounded with wonderful sights and sounds. 

and then walked around the city centre shopping district. We found the perfect spot for lunch, JW Sweetman’s Craft Brewery, where we each had a Blonde beer with our lovely lunches. 

I actually took two of the paper coasters. Who could resist a coaster that said, Galway Hooker?

Our food was sumptuous as usual, and the taste was good as well. There were quotes throughout the place from famous Irish folk.

Then we walked to Trinity College, the Long Library, and the Book of Kells. To say it was awe-inspiring would be denying the overwhelming sense of grace and age that filled the place. It even made me be quiet, which shows you how magical the place was.

Don't I look like Aristotle?

We walked a little ways and found a Starbuck’s, which was just perfect, because I was craving an iced tea (American style). Nancie and I sat there for a while and just relaxed. 

Then it was home again via tram. Dinner at the hotel restaurant and another early night. The beds in that old hotel were quite comfortable and made our stay just lovely.

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