Tuesday, September 19, 2017

9/14 Day 7, Galway back to Dublin town

The train from Galway to Dublin was uneventful and a little sad. We both loved Galway so much, especially Nan, who felt a real kinship there. So we were pretty quiet on the train.

We hailed a cab to Waterside House Hotel, where we fell in love with being right on the water of the Irish Sea. Oh my, the views. The hotel itself was quaint and fascinating. We had to go through the pub to get to the lift. Our room was plush with the comfortable beds we'd come to expect in Ireland. We ate in the pub and once again the food surprised me in the best way. I drank a Jameson's and Nan had a Smithwick's Red. Both were superb.

Views of the Irish Sea

Knowing we had to get up by 3 made us not be able to sleep very well. More about that on the next blog post.

This one is boring I know. Sorry. We were tired.

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