Tuesday, September 19, 2017

9/13 Day 6 A day idling in Galway City

What a super way to spend the last full day somewhere. We were lazy, but not totally. We walked around the promenade of Galway Bay and it was beautiful, plus good exercise.

We ate again at the Quay Street Kitchen. Only place we ate twice. Such delicious food, vegan and vegetarian fare was readily available. Without exception, each restaurant had vegan soup. I was amazed and slurped it all up.

We walked to St. Nicholas Collegiate Church (Anglican/Episcopal). I've never seen a church that was both. It was so beautiful and 700 years old. I was afraid to touch anything since it was so old.
 Baptismal font

 One of the ornate ceilings

Another ceiling

Here's proof I didn't drink alcohol all the time. 

I sat in the hotel bar, drank Coke, and wrote for a while. The bartender's name was Sylwia and she was from Poland. Of course I had to tell her about my daughter-in-law from Krakow. 

Then I packed and got ready for the next eventful day.

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