Wednesday, April 01, 2020

4/1 from yesterday

3/31 Day 17 of being Artist-in-Residence. In the morning was my favorite part of the week. I had coffee with Gretchen and Dana. Gretchen phone died, so talking with her was short and sweet. We’ll talk again on Thursday instead of Friday, so we can get our Gretchen fix.

Rob called me as he was driving from their old house to their new one. They are moving to Southern Pines, NC which is a pretty town, and only 40 minutes from Ft. Bragg, so not too bad.

My bed broke last night, and today Jane and John came and took it apart (with my help). We put it in the garage and John will take it to the scrap metal place later. The put together the gifted frame for me, so by 6 I had a new bed, and was happily ensconced there with my pets.

Since Jane works at a medical clinic, she had a mask and gloves, and I wore a mask because we knew John wouldn't think of such things. :) Anyway, I still have to go around and clean areas John touched, which is basically the door knobs. I won't cleanse the old bed because it's in the garage and probably has already cleaned itself.

I really appreciate niece Sarah and nephew-in-law Dalton giving me the bed frame. And I also am so grateful for Jane and John. This is not the time for me needing people to help me, but because of my back, I just can’t do things like that alone.

So happy for family and friends.

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