Monday, April 06, 2020

From 4/4 and 4/5 I think I'll do a puzzle

4/5 Day 22 of whatever. Attended mass online. Talked with sisters immediately after. Both of those things lifted my spirits. Cut masks. Talked with my daughter Jill. Made arrangements for Gus to go to my friend Mike’s tomorrow. Took my usual nap. Read book club book on front porch. That was lovely. One thing I haven't posted is that prior to the self-distancing, I was supposed to have a spinal fusion. It got postponed, like every other non-emergency surgery. So trying to walk Gus keeps increasing the pain. As much as I love him, I've been "pawning him off" on my friend Mike Alcorn and my sister Jan. Both of them have dogs and they also have fenced yards, so Gus can finally run and get enough exercise. I hate, hate, hate sending him away even for a few days, but I have to think what's best for him. After a few days I'll get lonely for him and he'll come back for another week or so. Then he'll go to my sister's again. So grateful for a wonderful sister and a good friend.

4/4 Day 21 of being Artist in Residence. Coffee with my sister Jan at 7:30. It was nice and I’m glad she offered. Spent time on my writers’ bb. Did three counseling session. Ate too much per usual. Made stir fry with brown rice. Yum. Happy Gus is here. Watch party for Joseph and His Technicolor Dream Coat. A jigsaw puzzle arrived. I hope my cats allow me to put it together.

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