Friday, April 03, 2020

4/2 I always post the next day.

4/2 Day 19 of being Artist-in-Residence. Coffee with Gretchen. Since Dana could’t make it, we’ll talk again tomorrow. Fine with me. I love having coffee with friends, and this way I don’t have to buy expensive coffee. (Although I have expensive stuff at home.) :) I read a while. My son Rob called. Made my day. He’s calling more since he’s off this week. Today I accomplished something big. I made my bed. I mean totally, with the extra pillows on it and everything. Since I’ve been alone these 19 days I’ve changed the sheets and pulled up the covers. But I haven’t made my bed the way I normally do. It made me feel good, so I guess I have to do it every day. Did laundry, a necessary evil. Then I cut masks., which makes me feel useful. Had groceries delivered. Talked to my sis. Can you handle the excitement?

Tomorrow I'm going to write some more.

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