Monday, January 10, 2005

1/10 Back to work

Another Monday with way too much to do! But the good news is that I started out the day at the dentist's office and finally got permanent cement under my bridge. Life is good and this should last me forever (or at the least, more than ten years). Hooray!

I spoke to Kayla on the phone today. After a few moments, the smart little 4-year-old asked, "Grandma, why did your mommy and daddy have to die?" This takes some thought to answer. Too glib and it might bother her, too detailed and it might...bother her. So I answered, "They were both real real real real real real old." I put a ton of reals in there, because she thinks her parents are real old and I don't want her worrying about them dying.

"Oh," she replies, "did you know that when your parents die, you can go out and get new ones." Pause a beat. "You can do the same with pets."

It was all I could do to not break out in laughter. I asked her, "You can get new parents?"

"Sure, you can't expect a little kid to be all alone." My stifled laughter again....

Then I spoke to her about adoption, and she knew the word and thought I was right... that's how you can get new parents.

God, I'm a lucky bug to have her in my life.


Anonymous said...

Dear Diary:
For the past six months or so I have been addicted to a weblog. The blogger's name is...well, let's just call her "Mer". Or "Ker." As in "Kerilyn". Well, Diary, I can't stop. Every day -- sometimes twice -- I have to check "Ker"'s blog to see what she's been up to. I know I can quit anytime I want to...really I can. I just need a few more days...just a few more...then I can break the habit. C'mon,! (eyes roam wildly around the room)

-- G

Jer said...


I've got a groupie.