Friday, January 21, 2005

1/21 Friday--I love Friday

Had a good meeting with my boss. Another person is being brought in to take some of the work I've been doing, so I'm hopeful that I'll finally accomplish more. Yesterday afternoon and today I've been cleaning my office. The stacks were so high on my desk that I hit one with my elbow and everything went flying to the floor. That was the last straw! So I started cleaning and organizing.

Now I'm at the hard part though. The last bits--things I don't know what to do with. Do I throw away and pretend I've never seen them? Do I actually follow through with the ideas I had earlier? I'll decide this afternoon.

It's snowing and it's beautiful. We're in line for a winter storm and I love them. I love nesting in my little condo while it's snowing and blowing. Tonight I'm home, and tomorrow during the day. Then I work tomorrow night at CSz. I'm grateful for a 4-wheel drive, especially if we get the snow that's predicted. We'll see.

Tonight I'm going to relax, play online Scrabble, and watch some shows I'd taped. Tomorrow or Sunday I'm going to get my tax stuff together. A task indeed.

This all depends on how I feel. Right now I feel like going to bed. I'm still saying "hooray for hernias," but not as loudly as before. BELCH Omigod that's the biggest problem today. Can't stop belching and I've been on meds for two weeks. If I'm not better by Tuesday I have to go back in to the doc.


Excuse me.

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