Wednesday, January 05, 2005

1/5 What a night!

The show went so well. I never get nervous about performing, but right before I went up on stage my whole body felt like jello. But Lee (the teacher) reassured me, and I was fine. People laughed at every single joke I told, which surprises the hell out of me. I loved it. It was different being up there alone, because in CSz we always work with a team.

My only real worry was forgetting part of my routine. But I didn't. Once I started, the whole thing just bubbled out of me and I didn't even have to think or worry about what was coming next. It just flowed. Of course I know practice pays off, but it was nice to have the knowledge confirmed. Someone taped it, so I'm going to work on getting the DVD. (If so, Bron, I'll definitely send you one since you've sent me several tapes...)

We may do it again at a bar in South Milwaukee, so that will be cool. And I'm thinking about trying an open mike night at Safe House. That's really scary there because it's a really small room and they have a tough crowd there sometime. But if I want to go anywhere with any of this comedy stuff, I need to take risks.

I'm going to take another class at CSz very soon, so that will be fun as well as educational. Don't know if my improv work will ever go anywhere, but I'd like it to. In the meantime, it's a ton of fun, with lots of neat people.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...a tough crowd at a place called the Safe House? An unfortunate misnomer...

WOO for you! You are very brave. Here's to continued success with your standup career!

-- G

Jer said...

Yeah, it does sound like an oxymoronic occurrence. :) The Safe House is a spy-oriented bar/restaurant. A literal safe house for the espionage-minded. Such a fun place. But the little room they have for comics is not a haven. Mostly other comics attend. It's a place to try out new material for the old hands, and a place for new folks to try their comedic wings. I'd like to do it, but it's always on Thursday nights and it's very late. Hard for old folks like me to stay up that late and work the next day.

Bron said...

HOW COOL! I'm so proud of my little Jer ;) Braver than me!

Yes I'd love to see a DVD... did you ever get chance to watch that tape from our last match?
Dick may like to see it - although I know he gets bored easily


Jer said...

Nope, I haven't watched the last one yet. I'm trying desperately to carve out time. To show you how crazy it's been--I only played one game of online Scrabble last night before crawling into bed.

But after I watch it, I'll definitely give it to Dick if you like.

I've zipped my performance onto a CD and someone here at work will burn the DVD for me. But I forgot to buy blank DVDs. Since I can't burn them myself, I've never bought them.

The quality of the thing isn't all that good, but if you turn up the sound you can hear everything. The problem is that the audience laughter doesn't register well on my digital. That's sad because it sounds like I didn't get laughs. But I promise I did.

More later, Jer