Monday, January 31, 2005

1/31 Today is nuts

I'm editing two long articles for one of the Journals we publish, and dealing with a few websites, and absolutely TONS of new legislative alerts have come through. I always need to deal with those immediately because you never know ahead of time how urgent they are (or not).

So the day is overfull, but certainly not boring. I just stopped to eat my lunch.

I'm going to work from home one or two days this week. My Media Kit and PR database were both due in January and of course they aren't done. My boss said she wasn't going to hold me to the deadline because of all the legislative and regulatory items that have been popping.

But the GREAT news is: Monday the part-time legislative research analyst will begin. Much of my leg/reg work will pass to her. But not all--I'll keep anything Sales/PR related. But my workload will be much more manageable.

Hooray for being merely extremely busy instead of frantically so.

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